maandag 11 maart 2013

TEAM MAPITO | Location scouts & Location managers' photostream

ZS9K8495Prep for LAGA DAMEN project, ZS9K8492Prep for LAGA DAMEN project, ZS9K8536Prep for LAGA DAMEN project, ZS9K8524Prep for LAGA DAMEN project, ZS9K8500Prep for LAGA DAMEN project, ZS9K8523
Prep for LAGA DAMEN project, ZS9K8458Prep for LAGA DAMEN project, ZS9K8510ZS9K8509Prep for LAGA DAMEN project, ZS9K8438Rowing sport location BredaTEAM MAPITO videographers, location scouts & fixers
Location for LUKKIEN#locations #buildings #roads #parkings #office #modern #glass #database #bridge #flyover #pool and lots more. here we come TEAM MAPITO shoot ready locations for all media.Do you need help with  road locations ? team Mapito Location scouts & photo(video)graphersShoot ready road locations for your next automotive project.Road Location no. 96 by team Mapito, photographers, Location scouts & fixers.
Do you need a road Location for your next project?ff waogetjes kijken op ons BoemeldonckCarnaval @ Boemeldonck 2013Carnaval @ Boemeldonck 2013Boemeldonck Grand Parade 2013Boemeldonck Grand Parade 2013
TEAM MAPITO in preperation for a LAGA DAMEN rowing race project, we will be back with more soon or follow us on our Youtube channel

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